In 2016, our historic City of Bethlehem will be celebrating 275 years of history and progress.

Bethlehem, PA, nurturing growth, change, and development.

A city with a rich history.

Dear citizens of Bethlehem, friends and visitors,

It may be hard to believe but in 2016 our prized City of Bethlehem will be celebrating 275 years of history and progress. We have been lucky to watch Bethlehem grow, change and develop since its founding in 1741 and we look forward to many more years of pride and success.

To honor our City’s 275th year, the City is planning festivities beginning with our Anniversary Ball on April 16, 2016. Everyone is invited to attend and the ticket cost will help fund the festivities and programs planned throughout 2016-2017. We are hard at work developing our core ideas. They include the Legacy Project which will honor the fallen soldiers who died in our City during the Revolutionary War, the book of Bethlehem’s history from the 1920’s to the present, our Hall of Fame honoring living residents of the Lehigh Valley who have risen to national or international fame and our community events designed to celebrate Bethlehem and its people.

My staff and I hope you are as excited as we are to celebrate the founding of our City. We look forward to your participation in the events and hope you will enjoy them along with your fellow citizens.

Please take a moment to browse through this site. We will be adding more information as the events develop.

Again, thank you for your interest in Bethlehem’s 275th anniversary. I know we all wish Bethlehem and its posterity more success and fortune in the years to come.

Robert Donchez